Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tristan Stowards and Scot Cotterell April 2008

Thanks for Having Us

Tristan Stowards is moving his whole life into Six a.

“With the current lack of affordable housing in Tasmania I was recently on the verge of being homeless. I got thinking about different solutions to the problem, and it turns out that renting a gallery can be pretty cheap. This one even has a kitchen and a shower so I’m set; for a month at least. Then I might go to India, I hear it’s cheap there.

When Yves Klein exhibited an empty gallery, I don’t think he wasn’t saying that there was no art, he was saying that the viewer makes the art, makes the meaning. That’s why he served blue cocktails at the opening. It turned the guests’ urine blue, and the art appreciators become artists.
I’m not going to serve blue drinks, but I will give you a cup of tea. I’ll just be going about daily life; or at least daily life as experienced within the walls of an art gallery.

Six_a had an artist’s market last month, and I set up a stall and gave advice, for a dollar.I didn’t think anyone would go for it, but it was a great success. It showed me that if you are giving, people are willing to receive.

If you are selling something, people will buy it.
I am ever fascinated by the phenomenon of new shops opening. Before they opened, we could not buy anything from them, as they did not exist. Once they open, we shop there, as they serve our need. At what point did we begin to have that need?

My work in Thanks for Having Us works on the same principle. Who wants to visit an exhibition where there is no art but the artist?

- Tristan Stowards

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