Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Anthony Johnson June 2009


"A keyboard is figurative as much as a spray-can is performative."

Artist Anthony Johnson's practice is often concerned with space, the way objects inhabit space and the process of making. So when faced with the odd shape of SIX A, he decided to tackle it by parking two Smart Cars in the alcove that comprises the main area of the gallery. After much measurement Johnson realised the cars would be a perfect fit, with only centimetres on either side. He has been able to procure these cars for the opening night of his exhibition SMART CASUAL/DUMB FORMAL. The cars will be squeezed into the exhibition space for twenty-four hours only, from the 12th until the 13th June, so make sure you come on opening night to witness this intriguing work. Also on show will be works from Johnson's ongoing experiments with objects and exhaustive processes, such as the action of setting up spray-cans until they are empty, the residue left becoming a memory of the process. The exhibition will run until 4th July.

Johnson's art practice is rigorous and experimental, his exhibition history predominantly featuring solo shows in Artist Run Initiatives, as well as galleries and museums, throughout Australia. In 2007 Johnson was selected to exhibit in Primavera, a survey show of young contemporary Australian artists at the MCA, Sydney and Samstag Museum, Adelaide. He was also a recipient of an Australia Council funded studio residency in Los Angeles.

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