Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ben Booth September 09

Ben Booth's exhibition, Interfering with the Elements, extends the ideas surrounding gallery intervention he has been exploring for the past few years. Following on from successful shows at Inflight, CAST and currently at 146 Elizabeth St, Booth will work with the gallery environment by constructing objects and drawings that become part of the gallery walls and floors. It is the relationship between objects and the space in which they reside that Booth will explore within the Six_a layout.

Using elemental materials, such as wood, earth, steel, rubber and salt, the artist has constructed sculptures based on 'devices of adaptation' humans use to exist beyond the realms of their physical limitations. A video work made for the projection space of Six_a will place Booth within situations beyond his comfort zone, in an attempt to transgress what could be considered a comfortable relationship with the environment and the material elements found therein.

Music on opening night will be performed by Donald Bate, the principal trombonist with the TSO and will be a mix of jazz, vocals and eerie accompaniments.

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