Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Erin Tappe April 2009

Artist Statement
Type and Divergence: Surveys From Everyday Life.

Science is often perceived as antipathetic to human qualities such as empathy and humour, yet for many, science has replaced religion in contemporary thought as the basis for our understanding of the world. My personal conviction is in science, it is with a mixture of seriousness admiration and amusement I look to Darwin as the Messiah like figure in this system of belief. Darwin’s charming, do-it-yourself home experiments are typified in his mastering the use of an inclinometer (for measuring slope) on his bedroom furniture. The notion of measuring objects so closely linked to personal experience touches on a human desire for certainty and truth, and to the strong poetic and emotional undercurrents that are embedded in scientific striving.

My interests have long been natural history and botany. However, as I have explored scientific forms and methods through my art practice over a number of years I have come to dwell on the natural world less and less, finding the act of comprehending my surrounds via collection, documentation and pattern recognition satisfying in any environment: bushland, domestic or urban.

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