Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Supercharger 6a collaborative project @ next wave festival 2010

for a video sneak peek of the entire structural integrity project check out: here
here and here

also amazing pics by Shea Bresnehan

Following their much-talked-about potato installation in the Fed Square Trench in the 2008 Next Wave Festival, Six_a returned to Melbourne with an equally dynamic and playful proposition for their Structural Integrity pavilion. Super charger partners art with sport, creating an organic landscape structure (think part skate park, part deconstructed velodrome) replete with constructed rises and falls, ramps and obstacles. Audience members control of one of six super-art-mobile-devices – mini artworks powered by the mechanics of radio-controlled cars. Six_a board members Astrid Joyce, Alicia King, Mish Meijers, Peter A Robinson, Amanda Shone and Tricky Walsh have created this arena for public entertainment and participation.

(from the next wave festival 2010 structural integrity media release)

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