Monday, August 29, 2011

Henri Papin February 2008

Henri Papin (Mish Meijers and Tricky Walsh)
February 2008

The Collector 3 - Secretions.

An ongoing collaborative series based around the superfiction of Henri Papin, created by artists Tricky Walsh and Mish Meijers.

In this exhibition at Six_a, the character of Henri Papin will be reconstructing a full scale alleyway based upon his examinations from the previous hunting safari (adelaide, 2007) where he examined the ways that public space can be inhabited, marked and owned by either physical marking (piss, vomit, paint), or by staining the environment with the barely perceptible imprinting of intimate taboo experience (sex, aggression, exchange of substance/fluid/currency).

Henri focuses on the particular architectural qualities that lend themselves towards illicit behaviour – Darkness, privacy, secrecy, irregularities of form, the pockets and folds of structure – The physical manifestation / construction of the unconscious. Alleyways.

He will be puncturing through the walls of the gallery in many places – Small foam-core architectural signage embedded into the walls. Rods and structural elements penetrate the skin of the walls, and leave residual stains – rust, dirt, grime, in the same way that plumbing and services randomly leech the exterior of buildings. Small screens glow darkly like phosphorescent fungi – objectively recording the occupants of the space.

Overall, it will be a combination of record and reconstruction. The lines of objectivity will blur with Henri’s delusion – and hidden fictions will play out in the graffiti on the walls.

Tricky Walsh and Mish Meijers are both Hobart-based artists with multi-disciplinary practices that span the visual arts, theatre and film. This is an ongoing collaboration, a project that endeavours to combine those media into one cohesive visual experience.
They are planning on continuing The Collector Project until the character of Henry is completely resolved.

They were awarded the Rosamond McCulloch Studio Residency at the Cite' des Internationale Des Arts, in Paris to spend four months documenting and researching childhood developmental aspects of their character Henri Papin, late 2008.

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