Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mike Singe April 2010

Climate change has begun to change the way we think about the “environment”; it is not a localized event, climate change is global. The “environment” has ceased to be a distant landscape under threat; it now surrounds us everywhere we go, in our homes and workplace, influencing our daily decision making and changing the way we live. A number of recent local, national and international ‘climate change themed’ exhibitions, indicate that it is also a growing concern for artists and curators. The challenge for artists is to develop a language to communicate their individual response; a task made more difficult in a world of increasing ‘climate change fatigue’ instigated by global media saturation.

The specific focus of Singe’s current art practice is to discover how the strategic utilization of energy within an art practice can be developed into a language/strategy/methodology capable of actively responding to the anxiety surrounding climate change.

Mike Singe is a current Masters candidate at the Tasmanian School of Art and this exhibition will present a number of sculptural works developed as part of his research. Following on from his recent inclusion in the “Lookout” exhibition at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, “Warm Up” is Singe’s first solo exhibition in Tasmania, having moved to Hobart from Western Australia in late 2008. As with the work in “Lookout” several pieces in this exhibition display Singe’s fascination for capturing the energy (and carbon dioxide) of human breath. Also featured in this exhibition will be wind turbines strategically positioned to test the power of divine intervention, solar cells caught in a perpetual state of surrender and a rather large weather balloon.

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